Why Travel Is Hard

It's never easy leaving or coming home for me. Since I was a child I would dream about exploring exotic lands and meeting new people and eating food cooked on open fire pits. As an adolescent my brain could not comprehend being away from my parents, my bed, my routine, or my pets while I was actually away. All of the new sights and sounds and tastes were the only things I knew or even cared about. Ironically, when I returned home and my high ceased was the only time I realized the importance of my excursion and the place/time I had missed.

So why, as I grow older, do I still dream of traveling and exploring, but come down even harder? I know what I am missing and the responsibilities I need to resume when I return. That does not frighten me, that typically fuels me to accomplish more. But, it's a known fact that time spent after preparing and then actually traveling is a "blue period". 

I cannot call it escapism because I have the luxury to travel. The luxury to dream and work towards what I want out of travel. I have reached goals much earlier than I ever thought possible. So what would there be to escape?

Yet, the current adjustments are quite difficult. The details of everyday life that are dressed up while traveling seem more basic now. While traveling I now understand the simplicity of all human actions. The social standards are set in different ways, yet wherever I travel I feel at home because the actions performed are the same. 

Travel presents invaluable quality time to explore, learn, and teach new ideas. My newly settle home in New Orleans represents quality time with friends, work, and a sense of being. 

This is a new era of exploration for myself and I welcome it accordingly.