Goodbye Old Friend


Hello Old Friend,

I know I will never see or hear from you again and it made me think of all the sweet and savory times we had together. Do you remember the truffle popcorn as we reclined to watch movies in the theater? Or my boxing fights you always attended and stood firm against my rivals with me? Perhaps last winter as I visited Chicago to try the menus there?

You can't imagine the despair I felt in the abrupt moment of your departure. Gone, with the crunch of a cracklin', as quickly as I was aware of your existence. 

I am sorry it took losing you to see the impact you had on my life this far. Due to one slip of the teeth my 29th molar will have to fight on through my omnivorous habits without its finest piece of enamel. 

RIP and goodbye chip of my tooth. May you enjoy the sights and sounds of Paris!