An Essay Winner

This essay was written for a competition created by RIVA after the Qualitative Research Consultants Association conference in January 2018. I won one of the three awards and received funding for advanced certification.

At a previous conference (for business ethnographers) my handwritten notes spelled out “REVA. Qual training to look up”. Little did I know how influential the correctly-spelled “RIVA” is in the world of qualitative. After winning the YPG grant I attended QRCA conference for the first time. Currently, I am pivoting from a career as a marketing director towards a more empathetic, ethical path in research.

I believe in the ability of researchers to be the spokespeople for human behavior, needs, wants, and customer journeys. Through our work we can bring empathy into the boardroom. As my mentor always says, “Context is everything”. It’s this mindset that sets qualies apart.

My goal is to become a qualitative researcher structured in theory and practice. In doing so I will not only benefit myself but the industry as a whole. I believe the RIVA course is the next step in continuing my career as a video ethnographer and qualitative researcher.

I am a new independent professional and new to qualitative. My daily focuses are generally in secondary research and research management. I sit in occasionally on video and in-person interviews, but am excited and energetic to begin moderating on my own. Qualifying for a free training course would help me tremendously financially and professionally.

If I am offered the chance to train in the RIVA system I know that my time and RIVA’s investment will be well-spent. At 29, my career is at the critical point of expulsion through the stratosphere of personal and professional achievement. I would gladly accept RIVA’s assistance and give full recognition in their help.