The Great(est) Expectations: How to Expose Yourself

I know the look on your face reading this right now. How is my article different from the millions of other posts on how to make this year the "year of me"? What do I know more than anyone else?

And there, in that last question, has been the problem for me the last couple of years. I am a curious and absorbent person; highly critical, yes, but with a sense of fantasy unlike most. I see my life 5 years down the line and fail to see the little steps that get me there. Hell, it's not that it hasn't always worked for me. In high school I never knew what I would do for money after college but those were always sure things: 1) I would finish college, and 2) I would earn money to become independent and travel and that was the only thing on my mind.

I have been selfish and I have ironically neglected the biggest person in my life: me. 

When I first moved to New Orleans I never pursued things that truly made me happy because I never wanted to feel tethered, I needed that independence. I tried and tested many different sides of myself and activities. But the most important thing was always earning money to further my independence and travel. What I was craving was exposure. 

And now I have excitement of narrowing things down.