Can Terrorism Damage Tourism?

Waking up today to read about the bombings in Turkey was quite startling. 

Then I read "Germany and Denmark issued travel warnings Tuesday for their citizens in Turkey, urging them to avoid large public gatherings as well as tourist attractions in Istanbul and other big cities". Which to me is even more startling. 

Tourism is known as a diplomacy weapon, but typically of peace and education, not of terror or political vengeance. 

Would you change your plans knowing that you could be attacked in your home town versus on foreign soil? What changes the parameters so much besides the lack of cultural or operational understanding if a situation like this did happen?

To me, it forces people to act like visitors, not tourists. Instead of taking a break from real life and traveling to eat at one more publicized restaurant or see one more landmark we will now be forced to understand the dynamics of the visited region.

When we travel our minds should be sculpted to learn more about what has happened and is happening in a certain region. With better understanding comes peace of mind. With education comes better diplomacy. This is tourism for the future.