Pull the Thread, See the Curtain Unravel

It's a crazy place to be when you are 26. At least, that is how my 26th year is going. Ambition, curiosity, and experience just begin to coincide with one another and the water of the future is murky one day and seems crystal clear the next. (Or about as crystal clear as something can be after the murkiness.)

You can either sit and examine the entire spectrum of your life and how it fits into the world, or you can put your head down and work. Work hard, and with all of your energy. This seems to be the time to do so. When everyone tells you that your energy is at its peak and the future is yours to take.

Then again, what most mentors these days don't understand is the spectrum we now live in. One of FOMO, global competition, and un-erasable mistakes. 

The only way to find patience and understanding in my path is to see the thread of discontent, pull at it, yank it, and see what else is connected. Impatience is connected to constant need of documentation of work. Work is connected to the ability to move up into the future I see for myself. My future is connected to all of the connections I make now. But nobody wants to be connected to an impatient, anxious, and greedily ambitious person.

For the future to happen as we want it can happen. HOW the future happens as we want it probably won't happen.

The best we can do is slow down, work meticulously, do good by others, and collaborate with those that inspire us.