Travel Can Bring Peace, But Will It?

Travel and tourism sometimes (a lot of times) get a bad rep. Locals rely on tourism dollars, yet gripe when their favorite eateries are too packed to visit or when their favorite boutique blows up and becomes mainstream.


Tourism by far gets the worst rep. Typically seen as the higher-income travelers that flood hotels and restaurants but never make it to the real shops and homes of the locals. They fill up beaches and care less about their impact and more about the how far their money will take them on the trip.


What if travel was thought of differently? If it was seen as a way to expand not only the traveler’s knowledge but also the knowledge of the locals? I for one can say that even though I live in a very touristy city I rarely encounter the visitors. I may notice them on the street and could pick them out of a line by country of origin, but other than that I say it is very few and far between times that I have had a solid conversation with them.


What if we got kids to travel? What if we got kids to meet travelers? What information would be shared and what new connections and innovations could be built?


These questions will further the concept of “travel”. Generations after us will be able to develop ideas and answers quicker due to the information being processed and made affordable.


If you could ask one question about travel what would it be?

If you could change one thing about travel what would it be?