Time, The Bitch Bomb

I became interested in time as a social construct in college during a liberal arts class. Apropo, I know. The finitude or infinity of time is all perceived and changes with the context we use it in. “What time should I be there?” versus “I am having the time of my life.” is like a warped sense of depth perception, you know it is there and it is something, but the exact words you use are merely descriptors of something greater.


Work days in our modern world are in flux. Yahoo made headlines when it cashed in all of its telecommunicative workers, but more and more we see freelancers who travel the globe with their creativity being sparked by their surroundings and their work furthered by meeting others like themselves.


“The days are long, but the years are short” is a saying from the viral letter written by a dying neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi, in March. Pair that with the German philosopher Martin Heidegger’s notion that boredom is merely an awareness of time and you begin to see how routine and structure can be borderline productivity killers. The more you look at the clock and acknowledge the passing of numbers then the more you are bound by them.


Take away the clock and see where your creativity takes you.

Keep a simple notecard system (via Tim Ferriss, who I do not endorse too much). Ferriss makes only one 3X5 notecard of things to-do for the day. Once that notecard is done you tear it up and move on. Simple and work focused. Not time focused.