The Objectivity of Marketing

It makes sense to strive for efficiency. To drag numbers to the surface, make meaning from them, and attempt to cut away the excess.

(What if the excess we leave behind is simply untouched commodities?)

In marketing brands tend to stick with the demographics that give them the best conversions. "How can we spend our money wisely?" is a question I constantly ask clients. Clients want to see their established numbers improve based on typical, never-changing stats. 

(What if the best penny is spent on acquiring admiration from the people not already engaged?)

I see it over and over again. People market themselves by speaking at events of their peers. Does this create siloed industries? I believe it does.

(How many conservationists speak up at oil and gas conventions without shouting blame?)

It is true that I cannot argue a man into a desire.
— Olive Wendell Holmes, Jr.

How many Facebook posts do you see that create a justified argument for a rationalization common ground on an issue? Instead you find cause marketing that indemnifies the other side. 

As my mother used to say "Bees are attracted to honey, not vinegar."

Go big on an idea. Find all of the strings that are attached to it. Overcome yourself long enough to see how they can all work together.