Search Vs. Seek


To look for the physical.  Tangible evidence that we can procure and either produce ourselves or reproduce under our own name.

Many past companies and people have searched for long times to establish themselves with some physical object. Whether you can touch it or not many productions of yesterday and today are able to be seen, touched, and changed. Software systems can have new code written into a computer and social programs can be written upon. These are the products of people using their minds and time to search for something to create and thrust their name upon.


To actively search for the non-physical. More of a hope and wish that by looking into the future or in the environment around us we may find who we really are.

Everyone has sought a placating, excitable, or encouraging feeling before. These are the emotions and ideas that keep us chugging along with our dreams. It is a harder concept to grasp as our minds are built to wander and bounce around from scrap of idea to scrap of idea.

The end product can lead to many searches, however. One spark of an initiative or idea can give rise to a multitude of others searching for a way to embrace what has already been defined through seeking.


Search and seek are used almost interchangeably today. They may be able to handle both definitions, but I see it as a physical vs. philosophical pursuit.

In your quest to make an impact on the world are you utilizing "search" or "seek"?