A Few More Words On Travel:

  • Don't travel to get away. "Unplugging" is an exceptional idea, but if you are tweeting, posting to Facebook, and checking emails or even making calls back home then you are not "away".


  • Learn the ways of the local culture. (I.e tip if they are a tipping culture; don't tip if it is a new phenomenon brought in by tourism. There is no need to go changing a culture you are visiting into your own.)


  • Try to make new friends. You will never know when you will be in their part of the world.


  • Negotiate. Whether it is for your hostel room, a street food, souvenir, or even site admissions. Relating your opinions on more financial terms will help future travelers to pass through in a maybe improved environment. Tourism is run off of foreign currency. Use this to your advantage.


  • Don't see the landmarks. It is a great idea to read up on the history of a culture, but you will find out more if you go to local spots and actually talk with someone local. Much better than an audio tour. Besides you are going to experience that country, what use is it to walk around with other people swinging cameras around their necks.


  • Don't pack a camera. Unless you are a true photographer or have a family of small children. --I get it, you want the memories. However, how often do you look back at pictures and think, 'Man that was a good time'? Choose to make it a great time by being in that moment. Not taking pictures.  I carry around my phone 24/7. It's my multitool. I take snapshots of events, people, and moments quickly and then put it right back into my pocket and carry on living. That's all they are; snapshots.


  • Eat the food. No matter how scary the place seems or out of the ordinary (unless it has some serious health violations going on) it will most likely have the best food.  Just do it.


  • Eat vegetables on your trip. I have never understood people who work so hard all year for their "perfect body" and understand even less when they go on vacation and just drink pina coladas and lay on the beach all day. I'm all for relaxation, but completely changing your diet and habits for a week or so at a time will make you feel like shit.


  • Exercise. Yep, even while traveling. Running is a great way to sightsee. Even joining a local sporting gym for a day can help introduce you to local contact and put you more in tune with that region's favorite past time.