I Want to Buy You Christmas Gifts

I have had this blog for almost a year now, but continuously have trouble deciding what it is I truly want to provide you, my readers, with and what I will get out of the energy/time spent. Until now it has been simple posts, lists, and ramblings of a 25 year-old in search of something bigger than herself. Until now I have not considered an idea a "good" one until it has reached such a level of complexity and size that there is no way it can be started, let alone completed.

So, I am attempting the a first for me, the unthinkable, but hoping that my transparency and sincerity about the subject will cancel out its unoriginality.

Enter the idea I am ripping off: Farnam Street's Book Program. For a while now I have read and thoroughly enjoyed Shane Parrish's blog about a variety of topics. And then, his own words led me to riding his creative coattails; "One of the most useful things you can develop is recognizing when someone has a better idea than you.”--Shane Parrish.

My entire website is built around the idea of education through exploration and reading is undeniably a cornerstone in my way of thinking (just look at my wishlist). Reading is a gateway to untapped passions and potential and since childhood I have collected and read as many books as possible. Unfortunately, there is still restricted access to quality literature either by social or self-inflicted means, and unfortunately it affects a large percentage of our youth.

Although this started somewhere else I hope I can bring it to new people and the wonders of reading to other children.

So, here is my proposal: anyone with a child who needs a book--or better yet, teachers and youth leaders that need books for lots of children--and creates a wish list on Amazon can email me their wish list link or DM me on Twitter. I will post the links through social media and this post, but also buy 5 books (one book from each list of the 5 first respondents).

Hopefully this will gain small, but noticeable traction so other people will also purchase books for those kids in need.

I will keep this program and links updated on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as this site to encourage everyone interested to purchase a book from the lists as well.

Hopefully this is the first of many fun projects we can do together, but I would love to hear your feedback or suggestions. You can contact me here or sign up for my monthly emails (because who has time for more).

If you would like to participate and buy a school or child a book, thank you. If you would like to know how this all started please visit Parrish's original blog post and perhaps even support his cause and website.