The Line in the Sand

There are days when things just click and productivity is at an all-time high.  We finish these days optimistic and hopeful of the future as our time was well spent and we will reap the returns instantly and in the long-run.

Then, there are the days that nobody wants. The "drag your feet", unnecessarily dreary hours that weigh much heavier on the emotions and psyche than the good days.

Knowing how to continue, how to pick your battles on those days delineates the good from the great. Most everyone can bypass time and get something done on the bad days, but those who can get what is needed to be done will succeed.

Time is our line in the sand. No matter how much you want to sit and ponder about how best to spend it you are always moving forward in time. Once you have past that line (which happens continuously) there is no going back to use that spent time any other way. It is a daunting yet motivating idea simultaneously.

I am sitting at my computer typing out a post because I cannot for the life of me decide how to proceed with my to-do list.

I can only hope that I am not the only one who makes as grave mistakes as this. When progress is too broad and arbitrary, held together with no accountability, that there is no end goal. I am juggling too much and all of this leads to me wondering about what I am doing in the whole picture of my life. 

But I am writing.

I am fulfilling a to-do item as well as continuing a craft I can't seem to just let die.

This is my line in the sand...