How Are You Feeling This Morning?

It's always a surprise when I read about the all-nighters that people pull to work on their "passion projects". 

Since college, dedication and ambition have been intertwined with one's ability to become absolutely cracked out, strung out, and under slept. Not being able to sleep because your thoughts are so consumed by an idea or purpose is the sign of a driven entrepreneur, but what quality work is actually being created if your brain is running on half speed?

I go to bed thinking of all the ideas and projects I have going on. I think of them the second I wake up in the morning and when I use the restroom in the middle of the night too. What helps me is to think of my sleeping routine like an 8 year-old. Go to bed at a regular time, relinquish any real worries, sleep eight hours, and wake up with energy for an entire day.

Most people would see my dedication to 8 hours of sleep per night as a lack of drive/hustle/ambition, but to me, it's the opposite who are risking poor work and overstressed minds/bodies. The stress I feel everyday is calmed by a nightly routine that brings everything into focus. Are my stresses real? Probably. Are they are immense as I make them seem? Probably not.

Remember: your brain is still working while you sleep. It is categorizing everything you have learned and sorting information from your previous day. You are actually getting smarter the more your brain is able to take the time it needs to connect information it has collected.

Get over your idea. Give your body what it needs.

Another important skill not to overlook is napping. We will discuss this at a later date...