I love reading.  

I'm one stop short of claiming biblio-addiction, but my partner may disagree.  My main love hovers in the genres of culture, cuisines, history, exploration, biographies, and novels. Word of advice, read a books' references. They will take you farther on any topic than you could do yourself.

You can check out my Tumblr for books that I have read and recommend.

A Literary Co-Exploration

I have a proposition for you and it stems from my inability to make decisions. A decision to trust in this though is a fun social experiment and a way to connect with those who read this site.

I have a (extensive) book wish list on Amazon. I built this list as a way to save books "on deck" while I finished current one. The problem is I can rarely decide what to read next. So!

If you send me a book from my list I will send you a book of equal value in return. A book for a book

  1. Go to my Amazon wish list and browse the shelf! Select one that you think would be amusing/thoughtful/practical for me to receive. 
  2. Send the book to ________
  3. Send as a gift BUT in the message box write your name, address, and a place where I can find your book list.
  4. (If you don't keep book lists...well, you should. But, if you don't then send me a genre or author you particularly enjoy.)
  5. I will send a book of equal value back to your address.
  6. Boom! Connection made. Please feel free to follow-up with me on how the book was and if I still recommend it. Then, just like that, we have a virtual book club.


Everyone should read. It is by far the most valuable asset anyone has. It creates an equal opportunity if there ever was one.

Read to learn, learn to fight ignorance, become knowledgable to succeed, succeed so you have the capacity to help others. That's really all there is.

So go ahead, start your library and start your life. Reading lends a great deal as to why I am grateful and strive for greatness everyday.