(Please note: This list will keep changing as I read and reread. Just like calories and money, my library will be in a constant adding/subtracting motion.)

I love reading.  I read every page of a magazine including the ads and am not ashamed to say that I read the references from books as well.  (Word of advice, read books' references. They will take you farther on any topic than you could do yourself.)

I spend too many hours perusing my favorite blogs and websites looking for references. My main love hovers in the genres of history, exploration, biographies, and novels.

You can check out my Tumblr for books that I have read (when I remember to put them there) or my "To Read" bookshelf on GoodReads and wish list on Amazon and see what I have in store.  This is one of my favorite ways of keeping track of everything I come across and wish to read. 

Everyone should read. It is by far the most valuable asset anyone has. It creates an equal opportunity if there ever was one.

Read to learn, learn to fight ignorance, become knowledgable to succeed, succeed so you have the capacity to help others. That's really all there is.

So go ahead, start your library and start your life. Reading lends a great deal as to why I am grateful and strive for greatness everyday.